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Sometimes things happen out of necessity that reap long term rewards. Pretti Much Everything Sales began when I had to use my passion for selling things and bargain shopping to host a family Estate Sale. I thought, “It cannot be that difficult. After all, I have always sold things online, at garage sales and I even rented a booth at one point at the local flea market”

What I discovered was, it is a lot of work! There are several stages that MUST happen before anything can be sold. This includes sorting through various items in various conditions and under sometimes trying circumstances. People are sentimental. You have to have compassion to deal with someone that has to let go of memories for whatever reason whether it’s downsizing, divorce or death (I call it the three D’s). There is a lot of research! Customers deserve to get the best value for their belongings. Sometimes, it takes more than online research. It could be calling in a professional appraiser, driving to various shops and locations, and making phone calls. Then after the research, pricing and staging.

I found out that even though it is hard work, can be labor intensive and require diligence and dedication, I love it! My goal is to take the stress off of the customer and do what I love to do. My name and my goal is to sell Pretti Much Everything!

` Mrs. Andrea Edwards

Founder, Pretti Much Everything

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